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About us and our story

Here you can learn more about the dedicated team behind BlackCatAnimationStudios and the path we have walked together. Starting with our founder, Eric Osterwald, who made his dream come true at the age of 18, to the talented team of very good friends that we are today.

The Team

As 3 friends we founded BlackCatAnimationStudios in 2021.

Together we combine our talents and passion to create creative masterpieces.

The story of BlackCatAnimationStudios begins two years ago in the city of Cottbus, when our founder Eric Osterwald realized his lifelong dream by founding the company at the age of just 18. Long before the official founding took place in 2021, Eric was passionately working on short films and other media projects with his friends, who are now freelancers at BCAS.

Our small but dedicated team turned their hobby into a professional business offering a wide range of services from print work such as flyers, brochures and menus to web design, social media management, web and media presence consulting and corporate identity. We take particular pride in offering high quality video productions, photo productions, visual editing, video and photo post-production, VFX, animation, graphic design, as well as pitches, lectures and public appearances.

Our experience ranges from working with restaurants, companies and start-ups to public institutions and civil service. We have made a name for ourselves through our numerous projects and our participation in the film festival in Cottbus. Our team may be small and young, but it is well equipped and highly motivated. By the way, you can find a selection of BCAS customers on the home page.

The basis of our cooperation is the friendship that holds our team together. Eric met René Kubasch in 2017. Andreas Linke actually got to know Eric as his tutor. A rather strange-sounding story and yet the 3 friends lead you on an exciting journey to independence. We share our passion for the work and have made many short films, including some about sci-fi or well-known series and film franchises. These projects have given us a solid foundation in dealing with VFX and other techniques. Please see the page linked below for more information.

Our story is proof that dreams can come true if you work hard and believe in yourself. At BlackCatAnimationStudios we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible quality and continuing to work passionately on our projects.

fun fact:

The name BlackCatAnimationStudios is a tribute to Eric Osterwald's first cat, which he once owned.

He would like to honor his cat named Schwarzi in this way.


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