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Whats so special?

Welcome to the "Other Special" section of our website! Here we would like to give you an insight into the creative projects that we realize both independently and in connection with our studio BlackCatAnimationStudios. As a team we are not only colleagues but also friends working together on passionate projects that are close to our hearts.

In addition to numerous separate fan projects, we have also produced our own films based on original ideas under the BlackCatAnimationStudios banner. With these films we demonstrate our creative diversity and our enthusiasm to tell unique stories and enrich the world of cinematic art.

Connected to BCAS


With the film "The Return of the Supernatural" we were also able to show ourselves at the film festival. In the Sorbian language we worked on the legendary figures of Lusatia as superheroes. You can watch our film in full length and completely free of charge on the "TechGermany" YouTube channel. The project started as a homework assignment for Eric's high school diploma and turned into a 2-year rollercoaster ride. Up to this point, this film was definitely the most complex project! Of course, the film is now showing its age. But honestly, we all started and why shouldn't we show our roots? We appreciate your interest!

Not linked in a working sense


A special highlight are fan films for well-known franchises, which we have worked on free of charge. With these projects, we attach great importance to the fact that they are independent of the name BlackCatAnimationStudios, since they are of course subject to copyright licenses. We do not make any money from these films and have no intention of doing so. Rather, they are an expression of our shared hobbies and our love of filmmaking. You can also find these films all for free on the "TechGermany" YouTube channel.

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